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Mission Statement

The staff of the Santa Fe County Health and Human Services Division is dedicated to the effective and efficient coordination and distribution of health care resources to the citizens of Santa Fe County. We are committed to expending resources in a coordinated fashion that most effectively addresses health concerns in Santa Fe County.

The Division consists of different distinct groups of employees dedicated to different, but increasingly coordinated efforts: the CARE Connection, DWI and the Healthcare Assistance (Formerly the “Indigent Fund”). These groups are deeply involved with most aspects of health care within the County, while attending to our core business tasks.

The Division also staffs and supports four advisory groups: the Health Policy & Planning Commission (HPPC), the DWI Planning Council, the Maternal and Child health Planning Council, and the CARE (Coordinate Assess Refer Engage) Connection group. These groups are responsible for advising the Board of County Commissioners on matters concerning health care in their various areas of expertise. The Health Policy and Planning Commission is the umbrella organization for the other groups and represents all of the key health sectors operating in the County.

Health & Human Services Goals

Promote the health and well being of residents of Santa Fe County through programs that address and make improvements in:

  • Access to and availability of health care services.

  • Provide oversight and evaluation of health care services and monitor progress towards improving community health.

  • Collaborative planning with many consumers, providers, governmental and other entities to identify and prioritize health care needs in Santa Fe County.

  • Reduction in the incidence of DWI, underage drinking, alcoholism and other forms of drug abuse in Santa Fe County.

  • Reducing recidivism among DWI offenders in Santa Fe County.

Our Accomplishments

  • The Care Connection Screening and Assessment Center has served 3,199 residents as of 06/20/07. The Care Connection Sobering Center has served 329 clients as of 06/20/07.

  • The DWI Program provided 272 evidenced based prevention activities to schools, youth, adults, and the entire community serving 27,092 residents.

  • The DWI Program reached over 13 Million (Duplicated) persons through movie previews and trailers, media events, and media coverage.

  • The Healthcare Assistance Program (Indigent Fund) paid $ 6,424,886 in qualified healthcare expenses for eligible Santa Fe County residents in fiscal year 2007.

  • The Health Policy and Planning Commission, DWI Planning Council, CARE Connection Advisory Board, and Maternal and Child Health Planning Council have continued their mission to inform and serve Santa Fe County Residents.

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We are open to the public during the following business hours:
Monday - Friday from 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., closed from noon - 1 p.m.
We are closed for business on weekends and Santa Fe County holidays.

2052 S. Galisteo Street
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501

Phone: (505) 992-9849
Fax: (505) 992-9854 or (505) 992-9855

Rachel O'Connor, Health & Human Services Division Director
(505) 992-9842