Substance Abuse

Care Connection

The acronym of CARE Connection was chosen very carefully and deliberately to give definition to the objectives of the group:

It is essential that a highly coordinated system be developed and maintained in order to avoid duplication of services.

Appropriate assessments must be conducted in order to determine individual needs for treatment. The Development of a shared core assessment will greatly enhance the system.

Appropriate referrals will help to ensure that the proper treatment is prescribed for each individual.

It is important to ensure that clients actually receive the necessary prescribed treatment in order to reduce recidivism.

Linkage needs to be maintained within the system to facilitate the sharing of information and to include a shared database of clients.

The Santa Fe County Board of County Commissioners and the CARE Connection partners have prioritized the need for increased availability of and access to behavioral health services (mental health and substance abuse). They have also identified the need for enhanced collaboration and linkage among providers, to assure an improved continuum of care for substance abuse and other behavioral health services and diversion from inappropriate jail and hospital services.

The CARE Connection is a formal network of community providers, consumers, advocates, local government staff, and others. It was established to represent the interests of citizens with behavioral health needs and address the coordination and collaboration of services. Goals include increased access to behavioral health services and positive outcomes for persons in need of substance abuse and/ or mental health services in Santa Fe County. These outcomes include increasing the capacity of treatment providers, stronger collaborative efforts between service providers, diversion from the emergency room, decreased detention in jails of persons with behavioral health issues and, most significantly, positive treatment outcomes for individuals screened, assessed, and referred by the CARE Connection.

The CARE Connection Advisory group meets every month to plan, develop and implement assessment, date collection, case management, referrals and detox services. These monthly meetings take place at the CARE Connection Facility on South Galisteo Street in Santa Fe. Members of the CARE Connection make recommendations to Santa Fe County program staff and the Health Planning and Policy Commission (HPPC) through consensus of the group.

The CARE Connection will link to a “virtual” network of community providers through intensive case management, referral processes and a community-wide, shared client date system. Referrals to the CARE Connection will come form the criminal justice system, courts, law enforcement, EMS, St. Vincent Hospital, Crisis Response of Santa Fe, community agencies, families, and other community members.

Clients will ultimately have access to a Sobering Center for several days followed by assessment, referral and case management services. Clients will be referred to various community providers in a “virtual” network for extended treatment and care, with accompanying case management follow-up services.

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