County Manager

Katherine Miller

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102 Grant Avenue

Santa Fe, NM 87504
Phone (505) 986-6200
Fax (505) 995-2740
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Mission Statement

Support and implement BCC policies and priorities, provide organizational direction and leadership, coordinate strategic and regional planning efforts, and foster efficient and effective management of County workforce and activities.

What We Do

Katherine Miller, County Manager was appointed by the Board of County Commissioners (BCC) to implement Board decisions. The County Manager operates directly under the BCC, serving the legislative function of the Board by providing research, information, and recommendations, and serving the executive function of the Board by providing management assistance.

The County Manager's Office is responsible for preparing the County budget, providing the BCC with the information they need for making decisions, implementing transparency measures, representing the County in intergovernmental relationships, coordinating the work of all County departments, resolving interdepartmental problems, and coordinating the overall administration of County government.

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Santa Fe County Manager's Office

Main Line
(505) 986-6200

Deputy County Manager
Tony Flores
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Office Manager
Jennifer LaBar
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Public Information and Media Production

Communications Coordinator
Kristine Mihelcic
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