Have "Sparky the Fire Dog" attend your next event! Sparky will help spread the word about fire safety awareness and is great for taking photos with kids and adults alike. 

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The Fire Prevention Division has put together programs that target age-specific groups.

Each kids program is an hour long and consists of a 10-15 minute video on the subject matter for that age group; fire fighters then put on their gear so the kids learn what we look, feel and sound like in full bunker gear; and ends with a tour of the fire trucks.

Request a Presentation - If you are interested in a presentation for your school, group or community event, contact the Prevention Division at 505-995-6523 or at jblay@santafecountynm.gov.

Please give us at least a 2 week notice.

For Kids

Play Safe! Be Safe! (Pre-School)
This is a four week program directed at kids ages 3-5. For one hour a week we go in and teach kids the following lessons with games and activities: 1) Fire Fighters Are Our Friends; 2) Stop, Drop and Roll; 3) Crawl Low Under Smoke; and 4) Play Safe, Be Safe. Kids get a certificate at the end of the program.

In a Flash: Consequences of Youth Firesetting (4th Grade)
Teaches kids about the consequences of playing with fire. Gordon talks to the kids about his experience with burns and injuries after playing with gasoline.

Get Low and Go (Kindergarten and 1st Grade)
Teaches kids about smoke detectors, how they work and how they sound. How to crawl low under smoke and check the door for heat before opening and to set up a safe meeting place to meet their family.
Grandpa Joe's Secret (Second and Third Grade)
Teaches kids about the dangers of playing with matches and lighters, and the consequences of losing materialistic items (such as toys) in a fire.

Striking Out With Matches (5th Grade)
Teaches kids about the fatal decision to play with matches and lighters and not going back into a burning house. Shows kids what it looks like when the fire department and EMS services respond to a call and have to do a search for people in the home.


In an Instant (6th to 12th Grade)
Teaches kids about the consequences of playing with fire from kids who experienced different types of burn injuries and their experience in a burn hospital and after. Teaches kids about debredding burn injuries and skin graphing.

Team Up for Fire Safety (all ages)
Teaches kids how to check their homes for fire hazards, how to create a fire escape plan, testing smoke detectors, and establishing a safe meeting place. Also reviews how to check the door for heat and how to use their second way out, if necessary.



Practicing for Life: Safe Escape for Senior Citizens and the Disabled
This program is directed at an audience age group of 65 and over. Reviews how to check your home for fire and tripping hazards, the importance of smoke detectors, and having a plan in the event of a fire emergency.

Fire Safety House (all ages)
This hands-on learning tool teaches the audience what hazards to look for in their home and also simulates a house fire with pretend smoke. Kids get to touch the bedroom door for heat and if it’s hot, use the window to exit. Once out they go to their safe meeting place and call 911 at which time they interact with a pretend dispatcher and give them information on their emergency and directions to the “incident”.

Workplace Fire Safety
Teaches the audience the importance of knowing the emergency plan at work, taking evacuation drills seriously and how to select the proper fire extinguisher. This program also includes a hands-on fire extinguisher training which meets OSHA requirement 1910.157(g)(1).

Teaming Up For Fire Safety
Teaches the audience how to check their homes for fire hazards, the importance of smoke detectors, creating a fire escape plan, establishing a safe meeting place for your family to meet in the event of a fire emergency, and practicing home fire drills.

When Fire Strikes
A great training for kitchen employees at restaurants, schools, hospitals, or any other facility that has a commercial kitchen. Emphasizes the importance of fire safety awareness in the kitchen. Discussion on the use of suppression systems in a commercial kitchen and includes hands-on extinguisher use and meets OSHA requirement 1910.157(g)(1).
Campus Fire Safety
This program is college campus housing and dormitory residents. Teaches ways to prevent fires from happening, knowing more than one way out of each facility, being familiar with fire protection system such as alarms, automatic fire suppression systems, and how to select and use fire extinguishers.

Public Assembly Fire Safety
his program is for employees of restaurants, theaters, schools, malls, civic buildings and other facilities where the public gathers. Includes hands-on extinguisher use and meets OSHA requirement 1910.157(g)(1).