Geographic Information Systems

Mission Statement

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division acquires, manages, interprets, analyzes and maps geographic data to ensure the county and the public can make better decisions. The GIS Division also includes E911/Rural Addressing to provide better emergency response.

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Here you can find our products and services such as custom federal, state, pueblo, city, school, commercial, and private maps. These maps can provide various functions such as analysis, reporting, demonstrations, presentations, and drafts. We also provide digital data retrieval and data development.

We have also developed this site to provide our visitors with the latest in Internet Mapping Technologies in an effort to bring our extensive geographic database to you in a convenient, self-contained web-application. These map services are brought to you, not only by Santa Fe County GIS, but the County Assessor's Office, the Land Use Department, and Santa Fe County's Fire Department.

The application we employ is called ArcIMS and is developed by ESRI, the most prominent geographic technology company in the industry. Using the latest technologies such as XML and JavaScript as well as following a middleware model has allowed us to create custom map services quickly to deliver to you!

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Geographic Information Systems
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