Geographic Information Systems

The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division acquires, manages, interprets, analyzes and maps geographic data to ensure the county and the public can make better decisions. The GIS Division also includes the E-911 Addressing Section that is responsible for providing correct addressing to support emergency response services within Santa Fe County.

GIS Products and Services
GIS staff can create custom maps and digital products to meet your specific needs based on time and materials.

Interactive Map Services
The GIS Division is in the process of building a new Interactive Map Portal. This new map portal will replace the existing online map services page, improve access to County data, and provide users with additional resources.
Click here to visit the existing Online Map Services. (Link red text to the GIS Disclaimer of Liability which contains the next link to the online Map Services page.)

Mobile Apps
Santa Fe County presently has one mobile application available for download through iTunes and the Google Play store.


Santa Fe County Trail Maps by Mindshare Labs

Not interested in a mobile app? Visit the Santa Fe County Interactive Trails Map using your computer or mobile device. This computer based interactive trails map is more robust and contains elevation profiles for each trail and, where available, photos of trails.Use this application to explore hiking trails in Santa Fe County.

Contact Us
Santa Fe County GIS Division
102 Grant Avenue
Santa Fe, NM 87501
Main Office: (505) 995-2732
Open 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Monday – Friday

Socorro Ojeda
Administrative Assistant
(505) 995-2732 

A. Erle Wright
GIS Manager
(505) 986-6350 

Christina Kelso
GIS Supervisor
(505) 986-6318

Mark Garland
GIS Analyst
(505) 986-6347

Debra Garcia
GIS Analyst
(505) 995-2753

Julian Sena
GIS Technician
(505) 986-6355

Rob Jackson
GPS Technician
(505) 986-6246

Kerrie Bushway
GPS Technician
(505) 986-6348

Christopher Vaisa
GIS Database Administrator
(505) 986-6335


Common Questions Received

I am applying for a development permit. What do I need from the GIS Division as part of the application process?
If you are applying for a County development permit, the GIS Division will provide a permit map, Address Verification Form, and a GIS Information Form. These documents need to be turned in with your Permit Application.

What are the types and sizes of maps that I can purchase?
The GIS Division produces a wide variety of maps, styles, and sizes. Including but not limited to: Site maps, Slope analysis maps, Contour maps, Adjoining (Buffer) property maps (for mailing notifications), and more. Sizes can range from Letter to Poster size. Maps can be purchased in hard copy format and/or in digital format. Please see the GIS Products and Services Price List.

I am a CAD user. Can I request GIS data in .dxf or .dwg format?
Yes. Provide GIS Division staff with the version (year) of the CAD program you are using and your preferred format (.dxf or .dwg).