Community Planning Committee Application Information

The County is seeking members of the general public who are interested in serving on a Planning Committee for one of the 13 existing community and/or corridor planning areas established in Santa Fe County. 

Planning Committees will be asked to meet and work with County staff on amending community plans, recommending base zoning, and developing an overlay community district—all within their respective community planning areas, and all to ensure consistency with the Sustainable Growth Management Plan and the SLDC. 

Planning committees should include a diverse representation of residents, business owners, property owners, community groups and institutions.

If you are interested in serving on a planning committee, please complete the application for membership which is available below.  The application form will also be available at the County satellite offices, senior centers or at the County Administrative Building, 102 Grant Avenue in the Planning Division.  The application can also be hand-delivered or mailed to the County at the address on the form.

You must complete a Conflict of Interest/Financial Disclosure 2015 form by Tuesday, January 20, 2015  (you can upload as part of the application below)

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Robert Griego by phone at 505-986-6215 or email at

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Community Planning Application

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Contact Information for Application

Note: The County’s Planning Division must be able to determine if you are eligible and be able to contact you to provide you with meeting notices and copies of documents related to your meetings.

Previously established community districts are as follows:

• Los Cerrillos Community District (Ordinance 2000-8, amended by Ordinance 2006-11)
• Tesuque Community District (Ordinance 2000-13)
• Madrid Community Planning District (Ordinance 2002-1)
• San Pedro Community District (Ordinance 2002-2)
• La Cienega and La Cieneguilla Community Planning District (Ordinance 2002-9)
• El Valle de Arroyo Seco Highway Corridor District (Ordinance 2003-7)
• U.S. 85 South Highway Corridor District (Ordinance 2005-08)
• Tres Arroyos Del Poniente District (Ordinance 2006-10 and Ordinance EZA 2007-01)
• Village of Agua Fria Planning District (Ordinance 2007-2)
• Pojoaque Valley Community District (Ordinance 2008-5)
• San Marcos Community District (Resolution No. 2003-83)
• Galisteo Community Plan (Resolution No. 2012-36)
• Community College District (CCD)

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