Santa Fe County Assessor's Office | Gus Martinez

CRM Portal

Welcome to the CRM Portal, an initiative of the Santa Fe County Assessor's Office.


Please read below and continue to the Protest Module.

Steps for Protesting Online

1. Create Account
2. Click View/Add Property
3. Enter Key code (Located on Notice of Value)
4. Confirm and add as owner
4. Click on Protests on Left
5. Click Submit New
6. Select the Property
7. Fill out Protest Form Fields
8. Submit (with Name Associated to the account i.e. John Smith, and password)


Using this portal, property owners or their agents can...

  • Sign-up to receive their Notice of Values electronically through e-mail.
  • Protest their property values (During the month of April)
  • File Business Personal Property Online

To use this site, please do the following:

  1. Create an account on the CRM Portal.
  2. Associate property with your account using the Key Code on your property's Notice of Value.

Once property has been associated with your profile, you can...

  • Elect to receive Notice of Values for associated property by updating your User Profile.
  • Protest the property Valuation (During the month of April)
  • File Business Personal Property