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Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communication Center Helps All Residents Utilize Drug Tip Hotline

The Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communication Center (RECC) wants residents to know the Drug Tip Hotline in anonymous and is available to anyone who lives in Santa Fe County. The RECC worked with the Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office to assign calls that come in on the tip hotline, but are outside of City limits. Now when dispatchers receive a call at the RECC on the drug tip hotline, they are directed to the appropriate authority. When calls are received for incidents outside of City limits a Sheriff’s Officer will be dispatched to the reported location or forwarded to the Sheriff’s Office investigations unit.

The RECC would like to remind residents that all callers utilizing the drug tip hotline remain anonymous, but will be asked to provide as much detail as possible regarding the incident they are reporting.

“At the Regional Center we receive calls for all of Santa Fe County and it was important to work will all jurisdictions so that regardless of where in Santa Fe County you are located, you can report drug activity,” said Ken Martinez, Santa Fe County Regional Emergency Communications Director.

The tip hotline was launched last month by the Santa Fe City Council, Santa Fe Police Department and the Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communication Center. The tip hotline was established to help curb illegal drug trafficking, combat drug related crimes and prevent further destruction suffered by families due to drug addictions, according to a City press release. In the City press release, they also included the list below as examples of possible drug activity in your neighborhood.

Signs of Drug Activity in your neighborhood:

  • Unusual amount of people coming and going from the residence, many times at odd hours of the day or night.
  • People waiting in vehicles outside the residence.
  • People parking around the corner or down the street and approaching the residence on foot.
  • People who visit the residence often and only stay for 15 minutes or less.
  • Windows are blocked out, preventing neighbors from seeing inside.
  • Finding drugs or drug paraphernalia (syringes, pipes, baggies, etc.) in the area.
  • Noxious odors coming from around houses or buildings, such as musty or chemical smells.
  • Houses or buildings where extreme security measures seem to have been taken.

The Drug Tip Hotline number is (505) 428-3737



Regional Emergency Communications Center (RECC)

(911 Emergency and Non Emergency Dispatch)


The Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center has existed since 2002 as the result of a “Joint Powers Agreement” between the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County. The RECC receives all police, fire, medical and animal control Emergency 911 calls and non-emergency calls for the City of Santa Fe and Santa Fe County and dispatches the appropriate agency to the location as needed. The Center operates on a 24-hour/7 day a week schedule.

The RECC is governed by the Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center Board of Directors. The Board of Directors consists of the City Manager and County Manager, City Police Chief and County Sheriff, City Fire Chief and County Fire Chief, Town of Edgewood Chief of Police and an At-Large Civilian. The meetings are open to anyone who wishes to attend should there be any matters of public concern pertaining to the Regional Emergency Communications Center.

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View Meeting notes, agendas and other information for the Regional Emergency Communications Center Board of Directors

Mission Statement

As Team Members of the Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center, we are committed to providing prompt, accurate, coordinated and reliable E-911 and emergency dispatch service for all of those that we serve. Such service shall be provided in a courteous, responsive and professional manner and be recognized as a trusted provider of emergency communications. To act with integrity and professionalism; maintaining an environment responsive to the needs of the agencies, organizations, and community that we serve and capitalize on new and advancing technology and innovations to further our mission and strengthen our partnership with all we serve.

Goals of the RECC

  • Provide the most effective emergency communications possible for the citizens and visitors of the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.
  • Provide public safety field personnel with professional communication services with emphasis on safety, accuracy and cooperation.
  • Maintain professional standards, which allow the RECC to attract, train and retain the best-qualified employees for the essential service that it provides.
  • Provide good jobs to competent people.
  • Establish a relevant and effective training program.
  • Assist other public safety and service agencies whenever possible.
  • Be innovative in providing our services. 



Are You Interested in Pursuing a Career?

The Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center continuously recruits, accepts applications and trains for Emergency Communication Specialist (Dispatcher) positions. Download the Santa Fe Regional Dispatch Testing Process.

If you are interested in obtaining more information, visit http://www.santafecountynm.gov/job_opportunities

RECC Contact Information

Santa Fe Regional Emergency Communications Center
35 Camino Justicia
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87508

Telephone: (505) 428-3710
Fax: (505) 428-3735

Director: Ken Martinez
505-660-3341 (cell)
[bot protected email address]

Training Coordinator: Randy Vallejos
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Other Important Numbers

City of Santa Fe:

(505) 428-3710

Anonymous Drug Tip Hotline
(505) 428-3737

Chief of Police
(505) 955-5010
2515 Camino Entrada 87507

(505) 955-5751
2651 Siringo Rd. 87505

Temporary Restraining Orders (District Court)
(505) 476-0134
100 Catron St. 87501

City of Santa Fe Fire Department Administration
(505) 955-3110
200 Murales Rd. 87501

Animal Services
(505) 955-2701
100 Caja Del Rio 87501

Santa Fe County:
(505) 428-3720

Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office
(505) 986-2455
35 Camino Justicia 87508

Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office Records
(505) 986-2469
35 Camino Justicia 87508

Temporary Restraining Orders (District Court)
(505) 992-1626
100 Catron St. 87501

Santa Fe County Fire Department Administration
(505) 992-3070
35 Camino Justicia 87508

Animal Control
(505) 505-992-1626
100 Caja Del Rio 87501

Adult Detention Center – Booking
(505) 428-3232

Animal Shelter – City and County
100 Caja Del Rio 87501

Chief of Police -Town Of Edgewood


1916 Historic route 66 87015