Solar Power and Energy Efficiency Makes Sense For Everyone!

Today solar systems cost far less than they did 5 years ago.  The federal government offers a 30% federal income tax credit for solar systems, plus the purchase is exempt from paying GRT.  Solar systems act as a long-term price “hedge” against future utility rate increases.

A solar photovoltaic (“PV”) electric system uses panels placed on your roof or in a free standing ground array to convert the sun’s light (not the heat as many people believe) into electricity. Energy you don’t use is credited to you at the retail rate as it passes through your utility meter (called “net metering”) and out onto the utility grid.
A solar thermal system generally uses roof-mounted collectors for water heating or space heating, saving natural gas, propane, or electricity depending on your heating source. 

Energy Efficiency Opportunities from Your Local Utility

(505) 938-9400 or Toll Free:  (877) 607-0741 or

Santa Fe-area businesses on PNM’s approved “Trade Allies” list to get the work done for your business!

  • Quick Saver – for small businesses - (either on the “small power rate” customer class or other customers with a peak of  < 100 kw).  Focuses on refrigeration (walk-in refrigerators), and lighting improvements.   Great for convenience stores, restaurants, and office complexes and other businesses with lots of lighting.  An Albuquerque gym had 82% of the EE improvement costs covered by PNM and is saving $5,500/year!
  • Retrofit Rebates –  for larger businesses -Lighting, refrigeration, heating, ventilation and a/c (HVAC), and electric motors. There is a "Custom" incentives option. Smith’s grocery stores are saving $6000-$10,000 annually for each store!
  • Refrigerator Recycling Rebates
  •  Advanced Evaporative Cooler Rebates
  •  Energy Star Home Rebates – for builders of energy efficient homes.
  • New Construction Rebates – building a new facility?   Check these incentives out!

NM Gas Company                                                                                                                             
888-NM-GAS-CO (888-664-2726) or

  • High efficiency water heater rebates
  • Restaurants – Energy Star convection ovens, fryers, griddles and low flow pre-rinse valve rebates.
  • Commercial Solutions Program -  objective, no-cost consulting services to help businesses identify cost-effective EE projects, properly evaluate vendor proposals ,  and leverage the resulting energy savings and financial incentives.