Solid Waste & Recycling Rules at Convenience Centers

In November 2014, the Board of County Commissioners adopted Ordinance 2014-10 – completely revising the County’s solid waste and recycling requirements at County Convenience Centers. In addition to establishing a new permit fee structure and other solid waste requirements, the ordinance is designed to “promote, to the greatest extent possible, waste reduction and the reuse and recycling of materials to further resource conservation and minimize landfill disposal.” The Commission, therefore, made recycling mandatory at Convenience Centers. The County respectfully urges your cooperation in complying with this new recycling requirement. With some simple sorting of recycling materials at your home, recycling at County Convenience Centers can be as easy as refuse disposal.

The County Public Works Department wants to make your use of Convenience Centers as safe, efficient and enjoyable as possible. Please feel free to contact us should you have ideas, concerns or other comments regarding Convenience Center operations.

• 24 punch permits have been replaced with 6 and 12 punch permits. Separate commercial permits have been eliminated. Small commercial solid waste generators (less than 15 cubic yards per load) may use the 6 and 12 punch permits. Permits no longer expire.

• Loads up to 5 cubic yards require one punch on the permit. Loads between 5 and 10 cubic yards: 2 punches. 10-15 cubic yards: 3 punches. Loads larger than 15 cubic yards are not accepted at County Convenience Centers.

Recycling is Now Required! - All recyclable material accepted at Convenience Center is required to be placed in the appropriate recycling bin. Placing recyclables in with refuse (garbage) is a violation of County Ordinance. The County maintains, and periodically updates, a list of recyclable materials accepted at County Convenience Centers. Ask Convenience Center staff for the list of accepted recyclable materials or visit the County’s web site at: Click on “Solid Waste and Recycling Information” under “Services”.  Note that recycling at all Convenience Centers is free and does not require a permit.