In addition to the recycling materials accepted curbside, the County Convenience Centers accept glass, brush/plant waste.


Recycling Information

Recycling of ALL recyclable material on the County’s Official Recycling List is required pursuant to County Ordinance 2014-10. Disposing of recyclable material in the convenience center's refuse bins is a violation of the Ordinance and is subject to enforcement action.

Recycling is easy at County Convenience Centers!! You only need two 2 storage bins or containers at home: are required: 1) A “Glass Only” container, and 2) a “Mixed” container (i.e. all other recyclable materials that are not glass). Small, flattened cardboard containers may go in the “Mixed” bin. Large amounts of flattened cardboard may be kept loose (i.e. not bundled or tied) and placed in the Convenience Centers’ cardboard bins.

Styrofoam, plastic bags, and motor oil bottles are not recycled.

Motor oil, tires, brush, and tree waste are accepted and recycled, but require a solid waste permit to drop off.

  • Tires are limited to 8 tires per household per month.
  • Brush,tree waste, and clean wood waste must be cut to length of 6 foot long or less and 24 inches in diameter. No tree stumps accepted.